How do I review/analyze my performance on CrunchPrep?


By Nikita

updated over 2 years ago

You can review all of your performance on CrunchPrep's questions, in the Review section. 

For example, if you wish to review the test that you have taken previously, you can do so by going to the dashboard and choosing Review -> Practice and Test Review -> Full Length Tests.

This action will lead you to a review board where you can view all the full length tests you have taken so far. Once here, you can click on the 'Review' button next to the test that you would like to review, and you will be able to view the complete analysis of your performance on the test.

Similarly, you can select the 'Practice Sessions' tab and view all the quizzes you have taken so far.

In addition to being able to review tests and quizzes, you can also get a holistic view of your performance in individual question types through question analysis, and a topic wise analysis of your skills through the skill review section.

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