Can you estimate my GRE score?


By Nikita

updated over 2 years ago

Yes, we can.

Our full length tests are extremely close to the actual GRE test, and the scores you obtain on CrunchPrep will almost be representative of your actual GRE score. Most of our students have got GRE scores that are very close to what they got on their CrunchPrep full length tests.

The error rate (difference between scores obtained on CrunchPrep and the actual GRE score) is very low compared to other online prep courses out there.

In order to get the best estimate of your actual score, you need to take our full length tests in an ideal test environment without any breaks or skipping of sections. If you take CrunchPrep tests with as much seriousness and as much preparedness as you would take your actual GRE, then your score will be the best estimate of your performance on test day.

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