What is the difference between your 1 month and 6 month plans?


By Nikita

updated over 2 years ago

You can choose between the two course plans that we offer: a 1 month plan, called Express and a 6 month plan, called Ultimate. 

Both the plans offer you access to 200+ video lessons full of strategies that teach all of the core concepts you will encounter on the GRE. 

You'll also have access to 2000+ high quality practice questions, along with explanations for how to solve each one. You'll also have access to customizable practice quizzes tests that can help you target your practice, along with highly accurate, adaptive full length tests that simulate the conditions of the actual GRE.

You can also ask for help anytime you are stuck with something, through email and chat. We will help you with everything from content to study strategies to technical difficulties. 

The difference between the two plans is:

1. The number of full length tests. The 1 month plan gets you 2 tests while the 6 month plan gets you 8 tests.

2. The length of time you have access. 1 month vs. 6 months.

3. The score improvement guarantees. +3 points vs +7 points.

Other than these, everything else is the same.

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